Technology of the Future And The Brands Behind It


The future plays a strong role in every aspect of our life. In fact, tuning ourselves towards the betterment of the future motivates us to make immense efforts in our present. Though this kind of advancement applies to almost all fields of life, technology is a prime example of this principle at work.  

Technology and the latest gadgets force us to stay on our toes. They force us to stay in tune with the latest developments and use them to our benefit.

How we treat technology determines our outlook. We can use it to empower us to make progress in every aspect of life. For instance, technology can improve our work, health, and social life. It can also provide advancements in entertainment and leisure.

Hence, as technology introduces some new platforms every year, it’s essential to gain knowledge and update our systems. Knowing about the latest products and brands serves as the first step towards advancement. Whether we use them or not depends on several factors such as purpose, feasibility, costs, benefits, and ease of use.

In this article, I’ll introduce some game-changing future technology and evaluate some of the factors mentioned above. The holidays and a brand new year is coming soon. Now’s the perfect time to get an inside look into these new technologies.

Muse smartwatches bring design, luxury, convenience, and comfort. Though smartwatches are common in today’s market, Muse hybrid luxury smartwatches- Grandeur and Minima stand out for their impressive battery life. Due to its patent-pending hybrid feature, one can use the watch without charging it for an entire year.  Plus, its AI enabled app allows you to conveniently make calls, set alarms, monitor fitness, pay bills and much more. Plus, these watches aren’t just super useful, they’ve also got style. You can pick from over 2,000 unique designs inspired by a variety of colors and looks.


Lumen is like a pocket nutritionist. It’s a tiny device with loads of value. This small product and app can measure your metabolism using your breath count. Lumen measures your carbohydrates, fats, and energy based on the mixture of gases released in your breath. The app then uses your unique results to suggest meal plans and physical activity.


Created by Cuboid, Artibo is your best friend, entertainer, and assistant coded in one device. Plus, it has a cool look and smart design. With Artibo, here’s what you can do:

  • Set your schedule
  • Learn – Artibo will make coding easy, fun and enjoyable. Make use of its color-coded blocks to understand the basics of computational coding. And for more proficient members, it offers basics of Java scripting too.
  • Interact- Communicate with your loved ones through real-time audio messaging. You can send messages to other Artibo devices or even outside devices.
  • Play music- Sing and dance with your new buddy and enjoy your rich collection of music whenever, wherever.
  • Read bedtime stories- Listen to bedtime stories and take advantage of the hibernate option. Once you start dozing, your Artibo can follow too!

Plus, Artibo can be connected online and personalized as needed.


This gadget does the time saving or rather life-saving job of finding those frequently lost items such as your phone, keys, and wallet. Attach the tiny tiles to your keys, wallet, or cellphone, and get instant notifications with its loud ring. Simply attach the tiny tiles to an item. When the item is lost, you can track its location through its loud ringing notification.


Get this smart speaker and enjoy the convenience it provides in every task. From playing music to setting alarms, browsing websites to checking the weather, do all kinds of tasks with this voice-controlled speaker. Use your voice to lock doors, turn on the TV, hit the lights, or even blast the air conditioner. The new Echo Dot can sync with a number of other devices, providing you with the ultimate in home experience.


With built-in Alexa, this device switches lights in the house through motion sensors. Plus, with the help of the Ecobee app, you can control your lighting without ever getting up. Pairing with Alexa also enables music streaming, alarm setting, and even temperature control.


This voice-activated smart camera makes it easy to video chat with friends and family while performing your usual activities. It follows your motions in a room and adjusts the camera screen accordingly. If someone enters the room, it includes them in the frame too. It also allows syncing with other Portal devices so you and your friends can listen to the same music, though miles apart. Plus, you can set birthday reminders, view photos, enjoy videos and much more with this device.


With this food scale, you no longer have to look up nutritional information on your phone. The Greater Goods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale not only weighs your food, but it also displays your food’s nutritional information. This scale has a database of over 2000 foods, making it easy to not only portion control your meals but also track your macros.


This Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled portable movie projector provides great entertainment during parties, camping, night-outs and plain boring weekdays too. You can play Disney movies or binge on your favorite Netflix shows. Plus, you can record your own videos and watch them back in style. It also offers kid-friendly features for child safe viewing. Another highlight is its stand-alone functioning. It doesn’t require the extra work of connecting to your phone or computer.


Now you can take Alexa on the road. This new car-assisting device helps you play music, make calls, listen to audiobooks, stream podcasts, navigate directions, and much more.


Bottom Line

These are just a few of the latest gadgets. They are game-changers when it comes to making our future happier and easier. The convenience of the latest technologies will empower several aspects of our life, saving us valuable time and creating room for more opportunities. As long as we tune it for our benefit – the luxury, comfort, and pleasure are ours to take. And when the future lies in innovation, we must be there too! 

These gadgets have all revolutionized our daily lives as we know it, but have you ever wondered what life would be like with NO technology?


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