Tech Review: Samsung’s First Foldable Phone

Imagine the convenience of a smartphone and tablet rolled into one. That is exactly what Samsung’s new foldable phone wants to be. Developers got a sneak-peek of the prototype at the November 2018 Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, but it is not revealed to the public yet. Coming to the users as Samsung’s first foldable phone, it will most likely be named Samsung Galaxy X or Galaxy F. You can make this exciting phone all yours after March 2019, when Samsung intends to introduce it to the market. A smart phone that doubles up as both tablet and regular cellular phone has got us excited.

A Look Into The Specs:

  • Screen size: It will run as a regular cellular phone with carrier data and network connection. The Samsung Galaxy X will greet its users through two OLED screens – 4.6 inch phone display in closed position and 7.3 inch tablet display in open position. The tablet display will be able to handle three simultaneous apps at once. This USP will attract consumers due to the ease of a small cell phone on the go and bigger screen for browsing and reading. You will not need to maintain a separate notebook or tablet for your work needs. The feature is extremely beneficial for traveling professionals who can accomplish a lot in one.


  • Storage space: We can only guess the storage space of the new Galaxy X because it isn’t revealed yet. But considering the new line of Samsung phones slated to release in 2019, it can either have usual 4-6GB installed with 64GB and 128GB storage options. It will be interesting to see if the new phone can offer something as high as 256GB, making it a complete powerful device to the user.


  • Display:  Samsung has created a new display technology titled ‘Infinity Flex display’ that enables the folding feature. Instead of fixed layers found in smartphones today, the flex display can fold innumerable times. It may contain an adhesive that can move the layers, yet retain the overall illuminated screen on the go. The display screen may not have any hinges or attachments. The smaller screen size will extend into the larger screen to ensure smooth transition.


  • Battery life: Short battery life is the most common complaint with respect to smartphones. And when many simultaneous actions work together, the effect is evident in fast drainage. This raises doubt about battery life of the foldable phone as it will fulfill two roles in one. We can expect similar battery life as the new Galaxy smartphones.


  • Operating system Say hello to your old friend Android, who’s eager to greet you in this exciting foldable version. Google has expressed its support to the process called ‘screen continuity’ in foldable phones which means all your apps and functioning will smoothly transit from the phone to tablet display without any interruption.


  • Processor A phone that strives to achieve two benefits in one like this foldable phone, should be powered by a strong processor. It will most probably contain Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip like the other Galaxy smartphones.


  • Camera quality and security features No updates talk about the camera quality of the foldable phone. It will be exciting to see what kind of camera will be able to function in a foldable manner. Like the other Samsung smartphones, if this phone offers iris and face scanning it will shine as a much needed highlight (Samsung is also working on a new in-built fingerprinting mode that can debut in the Galaxy X foldable phone).

Features That Shine

If we look at the available information on the phone, we realize that foldability will shine as the main selling point. With its embedded display that can bend and open up without any external attachments makes it an interesting model for customers. The entire idea of merging smartphone and tablet into one without changing the look on screen can surely attract consumers, though the anticipated high costs may pose a deterrent. Though we do not have any official information on the cost yet, the estimations run from $1600-$1800.

While the cost seems high, if Samsung offers good battery life, compact size, lighter weight and good camera quality, it will definitely gather enough support in the market.

Samsung is not alone in this domain. Speculations about foldable phones from Motorola, Apple, LG, ZTE, and Oppo point towards the possibility of this new trend in 2019. But if Samsung delivers its promises with mass-scale production and confirmed quality like it always does, it will manage to capture the market sooner than expected.    

The Overall Review And Experience:

Pros: Foldable phones do sound as the next big thing to look out for. The ease of solving two purposes with one device will attract customers, whether they use it for usual browsing at home or hope to accomplish work goals on the move. The feature such as bendable screen and simultaneous apps make it user-friendly. Coupled with the features of good camera resolution, powerful processor and stable battery life will make it useful for consumers.

Cons: On the other hand, high cost for a smart phone will raise some doubts. It will need to work hard and ensure fulfillment of every feature as promised. Whether customers will agree to pay the high price for convenience of two gadgets in one or discard the cost as an expensive luxury will reveal the true picture in the years to come.

Bottom Line

After smartwatches, smartphones, tablets and netbooks- foldable phones will definitely take the market by storm. But there is lot of anticipation and rumor before the final product hits the market. We can hope for a Samsung public press release and wait for the mass production somewhere in spring 2019. Other players such as Lenovo and Motorola have also been spreading their buzz about foldable and wearable phones.

While we wait and watch for Samsung’s first foldable phone- let’s start saving for it. After all, this friendly folding phone is not so friendly on the pocket!

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